Freelance Photographer

My outlook on photography and life in general is to be open-minded towards new ideas and perspectives, and that goes a long way in understanding not only myself, but also others.

Through my work, I intend to reflect my thoughts, attitudes and emotions towards the integral elements of my life. In that, I want people to relate it to their own experiences.

Words don’t say it all, and I try to fill the void by visualizing the inexplicable.

Each photo is subject to your interpretation, not mine. So with that in mind, I hope my work can bear the same value to you as it does to me.


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// March 2018 Update //

As the world around us constantly changes, we as humans tend to change too, whether it’s for better or worse. We often express these changes through our daily lifestyles and interactions with one another. For a photographer though, their work is another extension of that very expression. Every photo taken falls into a timeline reflective of personal development; a journey which will, by its end, have seen them shift and morph many times.

As a testament to this, I have overhauled the content on my site with newer work, but also kept some of my older photos. This is so that you can see how my view of the world around me has changed since I started teaching myself photography 41⁄2 years ago. Some of these represent pivotal personal moments in my life, but few will be able to piece them together.

I continue to try and create visual content that instigates emotion you may find yourself relating to.